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Ever thought of researching ethnic minorities online?

Published 20 March 2017

I simply cannot recall the number of times clients have ruled out conducting online research with people from ethnic minority backgrounds on the grounds that, somehow, ‘ethnic minorities are not online’. As face-to-face research is too expensive,..

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‘All the world’s a stage, and all researchers and respondents merely players’

Published 08 March 2017

At its heart, qualitative research is about understanding people and their behaviour, largely by using probing questions and exploratory methods. But how effective can this research be when every participant might only be showing you one ‘face’,..

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EagleAI: 'The night a machine predicted humans better than the humans.' (Live seminar)

Published 06 March 2017

The next MRXtalks Live seminar will take place on Thursday 16th March and it's 'going to be great!'

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4 Ways To Quickly Share Feedback From Your Research Community

Published 23 February 2017

It’s one thing to plan your research community or online qual study, with all its activities and discussions, but what about a plan for how you’ll be sharing snippets and insights with your client?

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Battling for mindshare in the age of the attention economy

Published 20 February 2017

Much to the dismay of our Marketing Manager, and his hopeful outlook on 2016 being the “era of engagement”, clickbait, post-truth news, questionable political polls and lengthy and repetitive surveys have done little to enhance the image of..

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4 Ways to Recruit the Best Participants for Mobile Research Communities

Published 14 February 2017

To get the best possible results, naturally you only want to recruit the very best participants to take part in your mobile research communities – but how can you make that desire a reality? There’s a saying that when you fail to prepare, you are..

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'A rare mix of an IT background and a skillset routed in design' - Dub's new Product Owner.

Published 06 February 2017

Dub is pleased to announce that Clara Ros Gomez has joined the company as Product Owner.

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Dub's up-to-date list of available languages

Published 03 February 2017


Dub recently added new languages to our already burgeoning catalogue, so we felt like it was a good time to release an up-to-date list of what’s available.

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Jargon and Buzzwords - What are you actually telling me?

Published 03 February 2017

In making the decision to write my next blog for Dub, and my first of 2017 (I can’t take credit for copy and pasting my colleagues 2017 predictions), I knew exactly what it was going to be about.Six months into my tenure at Dub, and my time in..

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MRXtalks Live 3: Postcards from the Edge (Adrian Swinscoe)

Published 27 January 2017

The MRXtalks Live are the latest initiative from Dub, and along with our series of podcasts, bring together the leading minds from research, customer experience and business to discuss issues that affect organisations today. 

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